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Inspiration for a road trip: Revered London street artist Will Vibes pays homage to Illinois mural artists ëThe Walldogsí via a 52ft mural for the Illinois Office of Tourism, depicting iconic attractions along Route 66, which starts in Chicago and this year celebrates its 90th anniversary.

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A selection of recent projects in London, working with the talented Acrylicize team

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DM 1 DM 2 DM 3 DM 4 DM 5 Dr Martens - Hogarth boot, great eastern st 2015

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Norwegian Developers Conference, London


NDC is a Norwegian based company that runs specialist conferences across the world for NET and Agile Development. For the last 2 years Anysurface have assisted NDC on creating live art illustrations and murals at exhibition spaces both in Oslo and London. The latest mural was painted for NDC London 2014 at the Excel centre. The brief was to create an interesting piece of artwork, reflecting iconic and popular imagery relating to Norway in the run up to the next conference in Oslo 2015.







2 Wheel Miklos


2 Wheel Miklos is a Custom and Classic Motorbike garage based in Surrey. As well as a garage the space holds a large showroom of over 30 vintage bikes. The collection of bikes has never been displayed to the public before so the garage commissioned artist Will Vibes to create a wall mural that would create a suitable backdrop for the collection. Over the space of 2 days Will attempted to capture the fast moving open road experience of biking, alongside exciting imagery and reflecting certain elements of machinery.

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For more than 40 years, Sarm Studios has been a pillar of the world music industry. Sarm Studios has seen the creation of a number of legendary albums from start to finish, from the making of the music down to the recording process. The cultural importance and incredibly rich past of Sarm Studios is this year been celebrated by the redevelopment of this building and the opening of new offices under the name of Sarm Village in Ladbroke Grove.

To capture this rich history of Sarm Studios, London based creative agency Anysurface produced this installation created by artists, Tweshone and Will Vibes. Working closely during the creative process with Sarm’s directors, managers and architects, selecting the most iconic and representative artworks. The Timeline installation represents a journey through Sarm life over the last 30 years. From one of the first albums recorded – Queen “News of the World’’ 1977 – to the latest great success – Paolo Nutini “Caustic Love”- recorded in 2013. All imagery is accompanied by a small explanation and keynotes about the album recorded, to help go through the history of this amazing place!

Sarm Studios has welcomed the world’s finest international talent through its doors from all genres of music. In 1973, Sarm Studios played host to Bob Marley & The Wailers, and The Rolling Stones who were both in the building at the same time. Bob Marley was a resident in Sarm’s apartments above the studios for over a year at the end of the 70s. Together with Sarm’s owner Trevor Horn, Seal spent a long time at Sarm to produce and record most of his albums while living in Basing Street just across the road from Sarm Studios.

Since 1984, Sarm has been home of ZTT Records who is this year celebrating their 30th Birthday. Sarm is also home to Stiff Records, making it a cultural hub and unique meeting point for different artists and managers.

This new chapter which is about to begin for Sarm Studios represents a new era of musical history.


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